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DPAC – Disabled People Against Cuts – #TrashTheTories

Disabled People can’t take 5 more years.

Help us #TrashTheTories

For 7 years disabled people have been facing brutal attacks from Conservative governments that have handed £billions in tax cuts to the top richest 10% while cutting support for us and for you. This has pushed people into isolation and poverty.

Cuts made by Theresa May’s Conservative Party are killing people. Grandmother Stephanie Bottrill took her own life after being hit with Bedroom Tax. Former soldier David Clapson died after sanctions left him with no food and no electricity to chill insulin for his diabetes.

The Tory government have lied and cut our access to legal aid to stop us resisting even as the United Nations found them guilty of “grave and systemic violations of disabled people’s rights.”

What can you do:

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