Stick With Junior Doctors


Stick With Junior Doctors

On Wednesday July 7th as virtually everyone was focussing on the Chilcot Report, Jeremy Hunt, the minister responsible for the NHS in England announced that he is going to impose his new contract on the Junior Doctors. This is the very same one that the doctors have just voted to reject.

More industrial action now looks like a real possibility.

We at #StickItToTheTories still have our 3 sticker designs available as both 88mm and 45mm stickers. All are ready to help build solidarity ahead of any strikes; for sticking anywhere -on placards and picket lines.

In solidarity, we are including extra sheets of stickers. So for £5 you now receive 6 sheets (instead of 5); 16 sheets for £10 and 35 sheets for £20. That’s a massive 864 x 45 mm stickers! This offer also applies to both sizes of our NHS Nye Bevan (1948) ST88017S sticker. All these solidarity offers run until further notice.

If you don’t think you can sticker that many on your own, then ask your workmates, friends and family to help. We all love our NHS and nobody wants to let the Tories wreck it.

The Junior Doctors stand between a proper decent health service and more Tory-inspired NHS-sell-offs. Should the Tories win, only the rich and well insured will benefit from the quality treatment we all receive now and in the future we’ll just be offered paracetamol (if we can afford it).

As Stickerists we know what to do.

Now is the time to StickItToTheTories!


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