Solidarity With Jeremy Corbyn


Solidarity With Jeremy Corbyn

“One price – three designs!”
£5 solidarity starter pack.

88mm Stickers 6 sheets (36 stickers) 2 x sheet of each design ST88046 J, B & C
45mm Stickers 6 sheets (144 stickers) 2 x sheet of each design ST88046 J, B & C
45mm Badges 9 badges 3 x badge of each design ST88046 J, B & C
25mm Badges 12 badges 4 x badge of each design ST88046 J, B & C

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Solidarity With Jeremy Corbyn

So, after endless resignations, countless leaks to the BBC and other mainstream media friends, a (hopefully) very expensive court case funded by a millionaire supporter of the right wing ‘party within a party’ – Progress, and a particularly amusing version of ‘musical candidates’, the spineless Chicken Coup plotters have eventually found a ‘normal’ candidate to run against Jeremy Corbyn.

Step forward Owen Smith! MP for Pontypridd, former BBC employee and Viagra publicist with his resolve adequately stiffened is now the other name on the ballot paper along with Jeremy.
Mr Smith has access to all the best spin that his media-pals can provide, and he has a few, very wealthy backers to oil the wheels of his election machine. On his side he has a hundred or so MPs and probably a few thousand activist supporters.

Jeremy has hundreds of thousands of backers. Be they members or supporters of the Labour Party, Trade Unionists, members of Momentum or people who just want to see a politician who tells it like he sees it, be given the chance to implement policies that would make a difference to the lives of the 99%. That’s you and me.

If you can, get to the massive Corbyn rallies that are happening all over the place. Get onto FaceBook and other social media -always, but always be polite no matter how crass or provocative the trolling will be – and tell it like it is. Talk to your friends, family and workmates. Jeremy Corbyn must be re-elected as leader of the Labour Party in the coming weeks.

Oh yes – and get and use our stickers and badges. They will help. A lot.

No ice creams will be bought, sold, given away free, hired out for public humiliation or in other way harmed by the production of these stickers and badges.



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