People’s Assembly No Cuts


People’s Assembly No Cuts

The People’s Assembly Against Austerity formed in 2013. PAAA is supported by a wide collection of campaign groups, organisations, politicians and Political Parties. The Tory Government’s ideological austerity agenda has forced devastating cuts to be made to our public services, which also means many people have lost their jobs. Just when the Government should be investing in our society which would kick start our economy they are doing the exact opposite. Cuts mean insecurity, and insecurity means big business can exploit workers, and hoover up services for privatization. We have all paid into the system via our taxes; it is immoral that the services we have paid for over lifetimes should be cut. The Government must be forced to reverse all cuts and reinstate all of the public services we have lost.


Contact the People’s Assembly;

[email protected]

Phone: 020 8525 6988 – office hours 10am – 6pm

The People’s Assembly, 52 Beachy Road, London E3 2NS

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