People’s Assembly End Austerity Now


People’s Assembly End Austerity Now

Austerity is flawed.  The government’s austerity agenda is simply an ideological attack on the most poor and vulnerable in our society. Not only this, but it gives the Tories ‘carte blanche’ to systematically privatize our public services. Under the guise of austerity they can underfund and destabilise the public services which we have paid into over many years and then sell them off to their donor friends and corporations at bargain basement prices, this is the biggest transference of wealth from the public purse into private pockets that Britain has ever seen. Osborne has sold off more public assets in 6 years than Thatcher managed in 10! We are currently living through a Tory wet dream and we have to turn that dream into a nightmare for them!


Contact the People’s Assembly;

[email protected]

Phone: 020 8525 6988 – office hours 10am – 6pm

The People’s Assembly, 52 Beachy Road, London E3 2NS

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