Frack Free Everywhere


Frack Free Everywhere

Fracking has got to be the most insane way of producing energy that exists right now, (possibly barring Tar Sands).. Fracking in the US has proven to be unsafe in many ways, it poisons local water supplies, causes air pollution which drives people from their homes with sickness, it is proven to cause earthquakes, it devalues house prices and invalidates home insurance and worst of all could easily pollute our actual aquifers which would poison our permanent water supplies. As always the Tories are in favour of Fracking because they and their corporate friends stand to make huge profits from this dirty & dangerous source of energy. Scientists are warning that the carbon targets set at the recent Paris talks actually lock us in to a 2.7C rise in temperature yet a rise of 2C is considered “the most the Earth could tolerate” without risking catastrophic changes  in our environment, including massive sea level rises within the next 50 years. Fracking must not be allowed in the UK.  We must tell them to FRACK OFF!!

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