Don’t Vote Tory (25mm sticker)


Our ‘Don’t Vote Tory’  Sticker is ONLY available as a 25mm size sticker. It is available in 6 colours with one colour per sheet.

Prices and details below.

For larger amounts please contact us at  [email protected]

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Don’t wake up on June 9th with the prospect of 5 more years of Theresa May’s Tories.

Stickerists and Badgeristas please make every effort to help spread the word.



These are desperate times and they mean a special effort from everyone and here at StickItToTheTories, the not for profit activist collective, we are doing what we do best.

We have come up with a new sticker size, meaning loads more stickers for your money, along with a special, effective new sticker design.

It is simple and straight forward – ‘DON’T VOTE TORY’ and is available in 6 colours with 70  x 25mm stickers on each sheet.

Stickerists !

  • £5 gets you 6 sheets, one of each colour – meaning you will get 420 chances to say ‘DON’T VOTE TORY’.
  • £10 will get you 15 sheets, 2 of each colour plus 3 others at random. Giving you – you are ahead of us here – over 1000 stickers.
  • £20 will get you  35 sheets, 5 of each colour plus 5 others at random  – a massive 2450 stickers.

When we wake up on June 9th we want NO MORE TORIES and would like nothing more than to be taking our website offline for ever.

Please make it happen.

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6 Sheets £5, 15 Sheets £10, 35 sheets £20