Crabb Resign as Mencap Patron


Crabb Resign as Mencap Patron

Stephen Crabb. RESIGN as Mencap Patron Pembs immediately. Voted for disabled to lose £30 a week ESA.

Sign our petition and #StickIttoCrabb #SIC #SITC

To: Stephen Crabb MP

Stephen Crabb, MP for Preseli Pembrokeshire and Secretary of the DWP, we the undersigned demand that you resign your post as Patron of Pembrokeshire Mencap with immediate effect. Your recent vote in the House of Commons for disabled people to lose £30 per week of Employment Support Allowance (ESA) shows that you have absolutely no compassion or understanding for the needs of our most vulnerable and disabled members of society. You should hang your head in shame. As citizens of Pembrokeshire and elsewhere we feel that it is highly inappropriate that you continue as a patron for Mencap after voting for such inhumane and damaging cuts to ESA. Cuts that will cause further suffering, poverty and desperation for disabled people and increase the already horrific effect that your Government’s cruel policies are having on our society.


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