BARAC Refugees Welcome


BARAC Refugees Welcome

Hand in hand with the disproportionate impact of austerity is deepening racism and injustice. BARAC campaign against all forms of racism and injustice, supporting family justice campaigns responding to deaths at the hands of the state, the latest campaign being the Sarah Reed Campaign for Justice,  campaigning against institutional racism from the police to the arts and culture sector,  campaigning against the scapegoating of migrants and refugees, we are part of the Movement Against Xenophobia and the Justice Alliance. We  also do humanitarian work and for the past 7 months we have been coordinating aid convoys to refugees in France taking solidarity and  essential items, clothes and food.

About the Campaign;

We are a coalition of black public and voluntary sector workers, trade unionists, community organisations, service users and concerned individuals whose aim is to create a critical mass of opposition to the Government plans to cut vital services and sack thousands of public sector workers including many black workers across the country.  This campaign is determined to defend both jobs and services. In the face of the most draconian cuts to public sector spending since the second World War, it is important that black communities including public sector workers, trade unions, community third sector organisations and service users come together to defend black communities from complete economic and social devastation.

With African, Caribbean, Asian and ethnic minority communities constituting some of the poorest sections of British society, any disproportionate cuts to national, regional or local services will have devastating effects.  Our communities already suffer the highest rates of poverty and unemployment in the UK. Racism in the labour market has resulted in a large majority of those in employment, working in either the public or voluntary sectors. Both provide key services to vulnerable members of our communities.  The recent budget announcements will have a greatly magnified and disproportionate impact on black workers, black service users and black unemployed. The cuts will lead to black workers being the target of redundancies and pay freezes which in reality will be a pay cut, widening the existing unacceptable pay gap between black and white workers.  Those who are left with jobs will face more pressure to deliver with reduced facilities.  Service users will experience difficulties accessing reduced facilities/services from overburdened staff. In some instances vital services will be cut altogether further entrenching economic deprivation.

Black people experience racism in all aspects of life. Acute racism has led to occupational segregation and unacceptable high unemployment rates in black communities. The proposed public sector cuts will further entrench poverty and act as a catalyst leading to further socio-economic deprivation, social disorganisation
and deeply alienated communities.

 BARAC – Who we are:

This is a joint initiative organised by Zita Holbourne, a member of the Public and Commercial Services Union National Executive Committee and TUC Race Relations Committee, and Lee Jasper, Political Advisor to the 1990 Trust.

The four main objectives of the campaign are:

  1. To campaign and defend jobs and services.
  2. To highlight the disproportionate and adverse impact of the huge reduction of public spending on deprived commwunities in particular black communities.
  3. To provide a campaigning platform to fight against cuts in jobs and services including on any adverse, disproportionate impact on blacworkers and communities.
  4. To work in partnership and build alliances with
    others facing and fighting similar attacks.

For more information, to get involved or to affiliate, contact;

Lee Jasper National co-chair 07984181797
Zita Holbourne National co-chair 07711861660
Email [email protected]
Twitter @BARACUK
BARAC Manchester
Colette Williams [email protected]
Maurice Shaw 07765852595
BARAC Birmingham
Maxie Hayles [email protected]
BARAC Scotland
Graham Campbell [email protected]
BARAC Huddersfield
Carol Alexis [email protected]
BARAC is supported by; PCS, Unite the Union, FBU, NUJ, RMT, Right To Work, Coalition Of Resistance, Scottish TUC, TUC Race Relations Committee.

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