Our Supporters

Will you join us?

So far we have already received incredible excitement and support for this campaign.

The central principle behind this project is that while Corbyn, the Greens and others fight for change from within parliament, we need to be building as much extra-parliamentary activity as possible to support them on the streets. As the People’s Assembly movement builds in strength we need to be inhabiting the psyche of the British people.  As Corbyn and others pull the narrative to the Left from within, our message needs to be reaching ordinary people on the streets. This sticker campaign has the potential to go viral! People can see that!

Our supporters so far include;

The People’s Assembly Against Austerity head Office – (Any stickers bearing the PAAA logo will be signed off by the PA design team before release) People’s Assembly website.

Rob Griffiths – Communist Party of Great Britain– Morning Star.

Mark McGowen – The Artist Taxi Driver.

John Rees – Stop the War, Counterfire.

Lindsay German – Stop the War.

Romayne Pheonix – People’s Assembly

Amelia Womack –  Green Party

Jon Plumpton – Redkite Print [email protected]

Kerry-Anne Mendoza Scriptonite Daily – The Canary etc..

Wales People’s Assembly (and West Wales).

Green Left – Watermelon publication

Jamie Kelsey-Fry – contributing editor New Internationalist.

DPAC (Disabled People Against Cuts) – are involved with sticker designs.

BARAC (Black Activist Rising Against Cuts) – are involved with sticker designs.

Frack Free West Wales.

This list is growing daily!