About Us


#StickItToTheTories is a ‘not for profit’, Britain-wide, sticker distribution campaign that is launching now!

You can get all of your political campaign stickers here!

In affiliation with the National People’s Assembly Office we have launched a central online distribution point of stickers for the Left movement -anything from Bedroom tax to Trident, Workfare to Fracking and much more.

You can request designs and also contribute to the creative design of new stickers for everyone to access on our Facebook design page here; “Stick It To The Tories (Sticker Design Page)”-www.facebook.com/groups/1649695695309745
Local People’s Assembly groups can source all their campaign stickers here and we can even tailor the designs to suit your local group and display your group’s name on the stickers themselves.
This is not about making money. ‘Stick it to the Tories’ is, and always will be, a not-for-profit organisation to sell stickers at the cheapest possible price. If there are ever any surplus funds created by the campaign, then they will go directly towards West Wales People’s Assemblies fighting austerity, neoliberalism and ecocide here in West Wales -where we truly need support!

Now is the moment, now is the time that we have to be out there on the streets growing the movement against the ideological assault which the Tories have unleashed upon us and everything that we hold dear. Under the savage welfare reforms many brothers and sisters have already lost their lives to this vicious and unrelenting Tory Class war. With millions using foodbanks and forced to work for low-pay, no-pay or zero-hours contracts many cannot even take up this fight for themselves. That is why we MUST fight for them. We have got to get this message out there, we have got to do it now, they will not stop until they are stopped and it is us who must stop them! This campaign is a vehicle for doing just that.

Everyone likes stickers, especially students and young people, and it is students & young people who the Tories are really screwing right now. Those young people might not have time to get actively involved in politics or join a local People’s Assembly group but they will find time to enjoy involvement in a little ‘extra-Parliamentary activity’, if we make it easy for them.

This Campaign is simple, all we need do is spread the message that we are all uniting to collectively and literally #StickItToTheTories. Whether a human rights campaign or anti-fascism/anti-racism, a campaign to save our NHS or the closure of a local community centre, we can ALL #StickItToTheTories! Here is a central outlet where you can source any sticker you want. If the ‘Stick It’ website doesn’t have your sticker then you can get involved in creating it or simply request it and soon it will be available for everyone to use.

The Hash-tag is deliberate and will be on all our stickers, so that anywhere you see a sticker bearing #StickItToTheTories hash-tag, you can catch it on camera, tweet it or post it on social media. People can even add a geo-tag when posting photos so that others can see where they spotted the sticker. This will all help us grow the campaign and make sure that it permeates yet another layer of our everyday world.

We have launched the campaign with ten initial sticker designs to get the project off the ground. In time we hope to have hundreds of designs all available here at the click of a button.

Please Check out our stickers and get involved on the design page, share this on social media, publish this in your outlet or website and tell everyone at your next meetings about this campaign, follow us on Twitter @StickaTory & email us at [email protected] Let’s do this, let’s get this out there, let’s all STICK IT TO THE TORIES!